Thursday, February 20, 2014

Starter line February 20

All seemed to be going well until he turned around and saw what was happening behind him.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

She looked up into his kind eyes and answered "Yes."

Then they both stood there in silence.  She knew what she wanted, but had no idea where to start.  Finally the man asked in a soft voice "How, may I help you?"  Tina nervously began to blurt out pieces of her story.  "Ouija board... my friends didn't show... fog like stuff... strangers... a man with super strength, blessed oils and salts... I really need to find him."  The man looked a bit dazed, but composed himself and guided her to one of the padded benches.  "Let's take a deep breath and start at the beginning."  So, Tina did.  She started with lunch the day before when she and her friends had made plans to meet in the graveyard that night and ended with the call from Cheryl's mom.  "So you see, I really need to find the tall man.  I have to find out what was going on."  The priest (she later learned that is what the kind man in black robes was) had gone a little pale.  "Would you mind resting here for a bit while I track down a friend?"  She nodded and he disappeared through a large door at the back, or was it the front, of the room.
Looking around she noticed an ornate podium up on the stage.  There was a long table behind it and a beautiful cross on the wall behind that.  Well, mostly beautiful, there was a guy hanging off of it who she guessed was not having a good day. The walls were dark wood and seemed to have gold accents and trim work.  Behind her were rows and rows of padded benches all with little mini-benches on the floor.  Maybe the children had to sit down there.  Who knew?  Mini-benches and unhappy hanging man aside, it was a deeply beautiful room.  It was also very quiet and peaceful.  Tina closed her eyes and breathed deeply.  She felt less nervous know that she was actually doing something about all of the craziness.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Calling All Teen Writer's

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Unfortunately, 7 faces and a trembling Ouija board kept floating through her mind. Pray. Pray. Pray.

Finishing her breakfast, Tina decided her best option for figuring out the events of the previous night was to find the mystery man with the touchable hair.  Gotta stop thinking about him that way.  He had holy water and olive oil, hmmm.... Tina sat down at her computer and began a search for local churches.  Who knew there were so many different kinds: a bunch of St. somethings, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, the list went on and on.  Tina knew saints were supposed to be super religious so she wrote down the names of all the "St." churches within city limits and their addresses.  Ignoring her homework, she left a note for her mother, grabbed her bus pass and some cash and set out.  First on the list, St. Philomena.  What would she say when she got there?  She couldn't exactly go in and ask if they knew a guy with great hair who liked to hang out in grave yards, right?  A twenty minute bus ride later she stepped onto the side walk in front of St. Philomena's church.  It was huge! And gothic looking!  Tina almost changed her mind then and there, but last night was just too strange not to at least try to find some answers.  She walked up the wide marble steps and pushed on a door three times her height.  It didn't budge.  The butterflies in her stomach longed to return to the bus stop.  Instead she walked around the building looking for other doors. Finding one open she entered a huge, ornate room with rows and rows of padded benches.  Seemingly from out of no where a man in black robes appeared and asked in a gentle voice "Can I help you?"  Just like the  minimart she thought; which made her laugh.  Laughter released the tension inside of her.  She looked up into his kind eyes and answered, "Yes".